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Avi Yashchin

Data-driven founder + 2x public exits. Founded and ran Education AI Lab @ IBM Watson. Managed Climate Risk Research @ Two Sigma. Founded Clean Edison, acquired by NYSE:$GHC in 2012. Founded Sustainable Properties Real Estate, acquired by NASDAQ:$CLSK in 2022. Proven researcher and entrepreneur. Dad.


  • Dr. Howard Moskowitz, Harvard University PhD in Experimental Psychology
  • Dr. Matt Sekerke CFA, Durham PhD in Economics, Chicago MBA, Columbia MS Applied Math
  • Dr. Subodh Dubey, Delft University of Technology PhD in Transportation/Mobility Management
  • Bonnie Schwartz, Columbia University MBA in Finance and Social Enterprise


Mahdi, Tatevik, Aida, Mike, Alonso, Vinay, Winnie, Swaraj, Harshita, Andy, Tushar, Jenny, Mahitha, Jade, Rohith, Jameson, Aman, Alp, Ben, Kevin, Matt, Arman, Kevin, Arshuman, Fakhar

Joe Daniels, Anthony Laurentano, Matt O’Brian, Yi, Chris, Jessie