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Conduct Causal Market Research cheaper, faster and more ethically than existing methods, with guaranteed human-level reliability.

What We Do

Our technology allows users to conduct causal experiments for any human behavior at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods.

We use Generative AI methods to design Causal Experiments, simulate respondents, and analyze results equivalent to the most well-replicated human causal studies.

How We Do It

Our causal experimentation process involves four key parts:

Experimental Design

You enter a question. We use AI to assist you to develop a causal experiment. Our AI suggests attributes, levels, traits, dependent variables, and statistical power needed for your experiment. Users can customize any aspect of their experiment.

Enhanced Population

You select population characteristics and we recruit and construct a Representative Population. Each Respondent for the experiment has representative characteristic traits of your selected population.

Experimental Execution

We poll the Representative Population to obtain answers for each respondent. Each persona performs several choice tasks. The answers are logged and passed along for analysis. Our results are auditable to all investigators.

Reporting and Expansion

Results are analyzed using state-of-the-art causal modeling techniques. The coefficients are used to estimate the preferences of subgroups in the population, create clusters, and report on which features of the product each persona prefers, and why.

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